Med Spa in West Palm Beach, FL

When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? It’s time to spoil yourself with med spa treatments by our healthcare providers who personalize med spa services to the individual desires of men and women in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and communities nationwide.

What is a Med Spa?

A med spa is a specialized spa that offers medical-grade treatment for your skin and face. Our healthcare providers have worked with men and women who have lost their self-confidence because of wrinkles, hair loss, and weight gain that are age-related or difficult to manage alone. After working with one of our providers, our patients not only see a change in their appearances, but also their self-esteem.

Med Spa in West Palm Beach, FL

How Much Do Med Spa Services Cost?

We offer consultations so you can meet with one of our staff members to learn more about our services and find out what treatments we recommend. As part of the appointment, we give you information about the cost of the treatments that interest you. You can have the treatments at the time of the appointment or schedule at your convenience.

What Are the Benefits of Med Spa Treatments?

  • Improve your appearance without surgery
  • Most services require little to no downtime
  • Completely natural results
  • Enjoy the benefits for several months or longer

Am I a Candidate for Med Spa Services?

We have chosen med spa treatments based on our staff insights about what is important to people in the Palm Beach area and around the United States. As such, our treatments are ideal for many men and women, as well as men and women who have sensitive skin and other unique issues.

What Should I Expect from My Med Spa Treatments?

The first step is to meet with our medical team for a consultation. This is an opportunity for us to learn about your concerns, and for you to understand our approach to med spa services. We never push specific treatments on our patients. Rather, healthcare providers explain your options and allow you to make choices that work best for you. In this way, our patients feel like they have a partner in their care rather than a medical practitioner who determines the course of treatment. Because of our healthcare providers’ experience and knowledge, they also bring value to our patients in their comprehensive perspective of how health and well-being are interconnected. We may identify other aspects of your life that need attention in order for you to feel good, both physically and emotionally.

Our medical spa services fit easily into your schedule and freshen up how you look and feel. Progressive Health & Rejuvenation Institute offers med spa treatments for men and women in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and neighborhoods throughout the United States. Contact us to schedule a consultation.