Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women in West Palm Beach, FL

Women with chronic health and emotional issues often have hypothyroidism, a medical condition that describes an underactive thyroid. Our expert medical providers who specialize in women’s health offer personalized hypothyroidism therapy services for women in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and the greater United States.

What is Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women?

Hypothyroidism therapy is a type of hormone replacement that is recommended for women with underactive thyroids. As part of your endocrine system, the thyroid is a small gland that sits at the front of the throat and regulates:

  • Metabolism
  • Heart function
  • Bone health
  • Brain functions
  • Mood

When your thyroid does not produce enough hormones for your body, one or more of these areas can suffer. Our healthcare providers run blood tests to evaluate your thyroid function, and any shortfalls are remedied with thyroid hormone therapy.

Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women in West Palm Beach, FL


How Much Does Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women Cost?

You can meet with our healthcare providers and staff for a consultation as the first step in your thyroid and adrenal therapy services. They will review your symptoms and manually evaluate your thyroid for any abnormalities. They may recommend bloodwork, an ultrasound, and other diagnostic tests to diagnose your condition. If you do have hypothyroidism, we will develop a personalized treatment plan, and we can let you know the associated costs.

What Are the Benefits of Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women?

Hypothyroidism causes many symptoms in the female body, from hair loss to slow heart rate and difficulty losing weight. Once our provider finds the right thyroid hormone therapy for your body, you will see a significant improvement in your physical and emotional well-being.

Am I a Candidate for Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women?

Having symptoms of hypothyroidism may indicate that you have the condition, but it cannot be diagnosed without bloodwork and other tests.

What Should I Expect from Hypothyroidism Therapy for Women?

Finding the right combination of nutrition, lifestyle, and adrenal therapy takes time. Our expert healthcare providers use a progressive approach to hypothyroidism therapy for women, because introducing too much replacement hormones can induce hyperthyroidism and bring on a new set of symptoms. Once you start thyroid hormone therapy, they will check your bloodwork and symptoms after about six weeks. If we see that you still have symptoms of the condition, we will adjust your medications.

Our healthcare providers also work with you to identify lifestyle changes that lend to your thyroid health, such as improved nutrition, exercise, and reducing stress that can tax your endocrine system. They may recommend that treatment for your hypothyroidism is started before addressing any of your other symptoms based on their understanding of how thyroid hormone levels work in the body. You may find that adrenal therapy and thyroid hormone therapy resolve many of your concerns.

Having too little thyroid hormones in your body can cause a range of symptoms, some of which elude general practitioners who do not specialize in women’s health. Progressive Health & Rejuvenation Institute offers hypothyroidism therapy for women in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and women in cities nationwide. Contact us to schedule a consultation.