Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men, but these statistics do not help you feel less alone with the condition. Our attentive providers and staff offer personalized erectile dysfunction treatments for men in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and cities throughout the United States.

What is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction treatment helps men who cannot achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. The implications of this condition are far-reaching, as it can affect relationships and self-esteem. The inability to get an erection occasionally is not necessarily a sign that you need treatment. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are chronic in nature. You may also experience:

  • Erections that are too soft for penetration
  • Low sex drive due to anxiety or nervousness
  • Short-term erections

How Much Does Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost?

Our healthcare providers encourage men who have signs of erectile dysfunction to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your concerns. If our healthcare providers determine that you have erectile dysfunction, we work with you to find an erectile dysfunction treatment solution for you. If you decide to proceed with our recommendations, we will let you know the associated costs.

What Are the Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Having trouble getting or maintaining an erection is one of the most difficult problems faced by men. Erectile dysfunction treatment addresses the physical issues that are affecting your ability to get an erection, and also helps you feel more confident in your intimate relationships.

Am I a Candidate for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction vary, but if your inability to get and maintain an erection is becoming detrimental to your relationships, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with healthcare providers.

What Should I Expect from Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction develops for many reasons, such as:

  • Poor blood flow in the penis
  • Nerve damage that interferes with stimulation
  • Emotional issues, including stress, fatigue and depression

Erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of other medical conditions, such as blocked arteries, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Our medical staff recommends that you be evaluated to ensure that your erectile dysfunction is not linked to something serious. If you are a good candidate for erectile dysfunction treatment, we may recommend oral medications (Cialis® or Viagra®), Trimix injections, or testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy reduces the amount of estrogen in your body that counteracts testosterone, the primary hormone that regulates sexual and reproductive functions in a man’s body. Some men benefit from combinations of these erectile dysfunction treatments while others see improvement with just one. It will take some time for healthcare providers to find the right solution for your body. We encourage you to let our team know if your symptoms are improving or worsening, and if you notice any other symptoms.

More than 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction, and Our healthcare staff specializes in advanced erectile dysfunction treatment. Progressive Health & Rejuvenation Institute offers erectile dysfunction treatment for men in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and communities nationwide. Contact us to schedule a consultation.